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AIRS L2 Standard Product (AIRS/AMSU)

Product Description Product Summary
AIRX2RET data sample product

The AIRS Standard Retrieval Product consists of retrieved estimates of cloud and surface properties, plus profiles of retrieved temperature, water vapor, and ozone, and a flag indicating the presence of cloud ice or water. Estimates of the errors associated with these quantities will also be part of the Standard Product. The profile vertical resolution is 28 points total between 1000 mb and .02 mb. The Standard Product contains quality assessment flags in addition to retrieved quantities. The Standard Product will be generated at all locations where atmospheric soundings are taken. An AIRS granule has been set as 6 minutes of data. This will normally correspond to approximately 1/15 of an orbit but exactly 45 scanlines of AMSU-A data or 135 scanlines of AIRS and HSB data.

The Standard Product has Surface skin temperature (K), Surface air temperature (K), Air temperature (K), Water vapor mass mixing ratio (gm/kg dry air), Water vapor saturation mass mixing ratio (gm/kg dry air), Total water (kg/ m**2), Ozone volume mixing ratio (micromoles/mole), Total ozone (Dobson units), IR surface emissivities, IR surface reflectivities, Microwave surface brightness temperature, Microwave emissivity at 50.3 GHz, Total cloud water (kg/m**2), Cloud top temperature (K), Cloud top pressure (mb), Cloud fraction (0.0 - 1.0), Geopotential heights (m above mean sea level), Geopotential height of surface (m above mean sea level), Methane and Carbon Monoxide.

GES DISC Data Access

ESDT Shortname:

Global, Twice Daily
(Daytime and Nighttime)

Horizontal: 45 km Vertical: 28 pressure levels

2.3 MB/file, 240 files/day

Product Guide:
AIRS User Guide 

Instrument Guide:
AIRS Instrument Guide
AMSU-A Instrument Guide
HSB Instrument Guide

To plot AIRS L2 standard retrieved products quicklook:
idl -novm -rt=air2retlook –args filename autoscale 
(option,otherwise T range 210-310 deg K)

idl -novm -rt=air2retlook.sav -args AIRS.2007.01.
11.001.L2.RetStd.v5.0.14.0.G07197220230.hdf autoscale
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