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AIRS/Aqua Level 2 Carbon Dioxide Support Products (AIRS+AMSU)

Product Description Product Summary
 airs level 2, co2, ascending
Daily sample of AIRX2STC ascending granules.

The AIRS Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Support Product (AIRX2SPC) consists of retrieved estimates of CO2, plus estimates of the errors associated with the retrieval. The data quality in this product is considered to be of lower quality as compared to the standard, Level 2, CO2 product (AIRX2STC). In contrast to the rest of Level 2 products originally released, the CO2 Level 2 products are at 90x90 km nominal horizontal resolution at nadir. AIRS CO2, Level 2, granules have been set as 6 minutes of data, 15 footprints cross track by 22 lines along track. Note that this is exclusively climate-change oriented parameter, with variability on seasonal scales, and strong global annual growing trend. Thus, as seen in the figure, daily retrievals are relatively sparse and have little statistical significance until aggregated to e.g. monthly CO2 product  AIRX3C2M.

(The Shortname for this product is AIRX2SPC).
ESDT Shortname:

Global, Twice Daily
(Daytime and Nighttime)

Horizontal: 100 km 

0.32 MB/file, 240 files/day

Product Guide:
AIRS CO2 User Guide 

Instrument Guide:
AIRS Instrument Guide
AMSU-A Instrument Guide


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