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AIRS Vis/Near IR Level 1B Calibrated, Geolocated Radiances

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airsvbrad.jpg   AIRS Vis/Near IR Level 1B data sample image

The AIRS Vis/Near Infrared (IR) level 1B data set contains AIRS visible and near-infrared calibrated and geolocated radiances in W/m**2/micron/steradian. This data set is generated from AIRS level 1A digital numbers (DN), including 4 channels in the 0.4 to 1.0 µm region of the spectrum. A day's worth of AIRS data is divided into 240 scenes each of 6 minute duration. For the AIRS visible/near IR measurements, an individual scene contains 135 scanlines with a scanline containing 720 cross-track pixels and 9 along-track pixels; there is a total of 720 x 9 x 135 = 874,800 visible/near-IR pixels per scene.

AIRS employs a 49.5 degree crosstrack scanning with a 1.1 degree instantaneous field of view (IFOV) to provide twice daily coverage of essentially the entire globe in a 1:30 PM sun synchronous orbit. The primary purpose of the visible/near IR channels is the detection and flagging of significant inhomogeneities in the AIRS infrared field-of-view, which may adversely impact the quality of the temperature and moisture soundings. The AIRS visible/near IR channels will also be used for comparative studies with the higher resolution MODIS channels contained within this spectral region.

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ESDT Shortname:

Global, Twice Daily

2.3 km FOV at nadir

Spectral Range:
Four channels, from 0.4 - 1.0 µm:
Wavelengths at 50% peak response:
Channel 1 0.41 µm - 0.44 µm
Channel 2 0.58 µm - 0.68 µm
Channel 3 0.71 µm - 0.92 µm
Channel 4 0.49 µm - 0.94 µm

11 MB/file

Product Guide:
AIRS User Guide

Instrument Guide:
AIRS Instrument Guide

To plot AIRS VIS/NIR images as RGB false color images: (can save the image as well) idl -novm -rt=airvb_look.sav –args filename channel_number(option) AIRS.2007.01.02.233.L1B.VIS_Rad.v5. 0.0.0.G07068144821.hdf
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