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AIRS/Aqua Level 3, monthly, CO2 in the free troposphere (AIRS+AMSU)


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july 2004 carbon dioxide (co2) retrieval from airs and amsu on aqua satellite

July 2004 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) retrieval from AIRS and AMSU on Aqua satellite


This is the AIRS mid-tropospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Level 3 Monthly Gridded Retrieval, from the AIRS and AMSU instruments on board of Aqua satellite. It is a monthly gridded data, at 2.5x2 deg (lon)x(lat) grid cell size. The data is in mole fraction units (data x 10^6 =ppm in volume). This is a total tropospheric column property. The file format is HDF-EOS 2.12 corresponding to HDF4.

 This AIRS mid-tropospheric CO2, Level 3, Monthly Gridded Retrieval Product, contains standard retrieval means, standard deviations and input counts as well as the latitude and longitude arrays giving the centers of the grid boxes.  Each file covers a calendar month. The mean values are simply the arithmetic means of the individual CO2 retrievals which fall within that grid box over the month.

 The mid-tropospheric CO2 retrievals have been averaged and binned into 2.5°x 2° (lon)x(lat) grid cells, from -180.0° to +180.0° longitude and from -90.0° to +90.0° latitude. However, data are not given between -90 and -60 deg Latitudes at this point. The first row, the North pole, is 1-deg wide.

For each grid map of 4-byte floating-point mean values there is a corresponding 4-byte floating-point map of standard deviation and a 2-byte integer grid map of counts. The counts map provides the user with the number of points per bin that were included in the mean.

The short name for this product is AIRX3C2M.

ESDT Shortname: AIRX3C2M

Coverage: Global, Daytime and Nighttime

Resolution: Horizontal: (lon x lat) 2.5° x 2.0°

Volume: 0.32 MB/file, 1 file per month

Product Guide: AIRS CO2 User Guide

Instrument Guides:

AIRS Instrument Guide

AMSU-A Instrument Guide

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