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AIRS L2 Support Product (AIRS/AMSU) NRT

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The Support NRT Product includes higher vertical resolution profiles of the quantities found in the Standard NRT Product, plus intermediate outputs (e.g., microwave-only retrieval), research products such as the abundance of trace gases, and detailed quality assessment information. This data set is produced by the same core science algorithms as in the regular science data production, but using predicted ephemeris in place of definitive ephemeris data and without using optinal dynamic inputs; AIRABRAD for previous and next 6 minutes and  NOAA Global Forecast data. The advantage of NRT data is its fast turnaround time, generally available within 3 hours of observations globally. The NRT data sets stay for about 7 days from the time they are generated.They can be utilized in regional weather forecast campaigns.

General information on AIRS L2 Support  products is found in AIRX2SUP.

GES DISC Data Access


Note:  Access to AIRS NRT data requires prior user registration.  For details, please see: LANCE Registration

ESDT Shortname:

Global, Twice Daily
(Daytime and Nighttime)

Horizontal: 45km Vertical: 100 pressure levels

10.4 MB/file, 240 files/day

Product Guide:
AIRS User Guide

Instrument Guide:
AIRS Instrument Guide
AMSU-A Instrument Guide
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