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AIRS IR Quality Assurance Subset NRT

Product Description Product Summary
Aqua satellite with AIRS instrument

Aqua satellite with AIRS instrument

The AIRS QA subset NRT file contains only Quality Assurance parameters that one can find also in AIRS IR radiance NRT product. General information on QA subset is found in AIRIBQAP

 GES DISC Data Access

Note:  Access to AIRS NRT data requires prior user registration.  For details, please see: LANCE Registration

ESDT Shortname:

Global, Twice Daily
(Daytime and Nighttime)

13.5 km at nadir 41 km x 21.4 km at the scan extremes

Spectral Range:
2378 channels from:
3.74 - 4.61 µm
6.20 - 8.22 µm
8.8 - 15.4 µm

 3.8 MB / file

Product Guide:

Instrument Guide:
AIRS Instrument Guide
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