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Register as an AIRS Data User

By registering as an AIRS Data User, you will receive announcements of bug fixes, discovered features and caveats which are directly applicable to your area of research.  You will also receive the AIRS Quarterly Newsletter.

For AIRS related questions, please submit to Ask AIRS Forum.

Note: Please read AIRS Data Disclaimer before reporting problems with data or data availability.

Arrow alertAnnouncement for the release of AIRS Version 6 Level 3 Data


Arrow alertAnnouncement for the release of AIRS Version 6 Level 2 Data

Arrow alertAnnouncement for the release of AIRS Version 6 Level Near Real Time  Data

Arrow alertAnnouncement for the release of AIRS Version 5.2 Data


Getting AIRS Data

We have many AIRS datasets as well as data from other sensors on multiple platforms. The following methods are available for getting AIRS and other data products. Choose one method that suits your preference. Please contact us if you have any questions.

AIRS Operational Data Products

Use keywords to find data quickly in a Google-like interface.
EOS Warehose Inventory Search Tool, an ECHO client.
Our data are available to users via OPeNDAP (formerly, DODS). See below.
FTP Access
See Below.


Get AIRS data by OPeNDAP

OPeNDAP Server


Get AIRS data by anonymous FTP

FTP Server
Directory Path




Getting AIRS Near-Real Time Data


Arrow alertImportant message for AIRS NRT data users

Anonymous FTP access to AIRS NRT data is no longer available. You must be registered NRT user to access the AIRS NRT data.

You can self-register to gain access to the data. 
1) Create an account on the EOSDIS wide self-registration system
Self-registration is available at
2) Respond to the verification email
3) Modify data retrieval scripts as necessary using username and passwor

For more information on FTP access to NRT data, click here.


NRT data products are currently available for Level-1B and Level-2, and are specially useful for users whose primary interest is the low latency for data availability. While operational data (above) are available within 3 days of observation, NRT data are usually available within 3 hours of observation. However, there is no commitment for a complete NRT data record. For example, if NRT data are delayed by more than 24 hours, they will not be processed.

Accuracy of Orbit (impacts geolocation of NRT products): Operational data production uses the rectified orbital parameters and satellite position that is accurate to better than 50 meters. NRT data production uses predicted orbital parameters, required to be accurate to 400 meters and generally accurate to 100 meters. Orbital prediction is slightly less accurate towards the end of the day UTC. Solar flares impact the accuracy of the orbit prediction.


AIRS NRT Data Products

Directory Path



Data Discovery

If you're not sure what AIRS data you want or what AIRS data we have, use the following to assist you.

Daily | Monthly
Explore our AIRS data in your Web browser through visualizations and analysis without having to download the data. To learn more, start here.
Short descriptions of important geophysical parameters with links to the associated datasets.


Other Data Access

The following items may also be useful to some of our users.

Some AIRS data are available via the OGC Web Map Service. To learn more, start here.
Online/FTP resource for heritage datasets that may complement AIRS datasets including UARS, TOVS, OCTS, TOMS, and more.
Real-time search and order of AIRS datasets that include data at other NASA data centers in addition to the GES DISC.
Links to other data centers.


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