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AIRS Calibration Subset Product

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Locations of AIRS calibration sites (polar sites are not shown)
Locations of AIRS calibration sites (polar sites are not shown)

The Calibration Subset Product aids in verifying the calibration of AIRS, AMSU and VIS channel radiances relative to truth on the Earth’s surface.

Each file covers a 24-hour period from midnight to midnight UTC, and for certain spots during that day extracts AIRS IR and VIS radiances, AMSU-A brightness temperatures, and AVN predicted sea surface temperatures. AMSU-A data are interpolated to the location of the AIRS footprint. For the VIS data, only the mean and the standard deviation of the 8x9 pixel grid are saved.

  • The file contains information associated with AIRS footprints selected if they match any of the following criteria:
    A footprint is determined to be cloud-free according to a series of tests.
  • The center of a footprint lies within 30 nautical miles of one of 20 calibration sites. The sites were chosen for a diversity of local and provide continuous atmospheric and surface observations. Key sites are Dome Concordia, Antarctica Automatic Weather Station (AWS 8989), ARM-Cart sites at Southern Great Plains and North Slope Alaska and Tropical Western Pacific, French SPOT desert calibration site in Egypt, AMSR-E tropical rainforest site in Boumba Cameroon, and Surgut, Siberia.
  • A footprint contains very high clouds and is within |lat| 60°.

GES DISC Data Access

ESDT Shortname:

Over 24-hour UTC period. 

284.7 MB / file

Product Guide:
AIRXBCAL Quickstart Guide 

Instrument Guide:
AIRS Instrument Guide
AMSU-A Instrument Guide
HSB Instrument Guide

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