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AIRS Product Validation Timeline

Product Version          
Activation Date Sept 03 Sept 04 Jun 05 Mar 06 Dec 06 Sept 07
Level 1B Radiances  
AIRS Radiance Prov Val2 Val4 Val5    
VIS/NIR Radiance Prov Val2 Val4 Val5    
AMSU Radiance Beta Prov Val2 Val4 Val5  
HSB Radiance Beta Prov Val2 Val4 Val5  
Level 2 Standard Product  
Cloud-Clear IR Radiance Beta Val2 Val3 Val4 Val5  
Surface Temperature Beta Val2 Val3 Val4 Val5  
Temperature Profile Prov Val2 Val3 Val4 Val5  
Humidity Products Beta Val1 Val2 Val3 Val4 Val5
Cloud Cover Products N/A Beta Val1 Val2 Val2 Val3

Beta = Not suitable for scientific investigation. Consult with AIRS Project on regional status.
Prov = Provisionally validated. Useable for scientific investigations with caution. Validated for nonpolar night ocean only.
Val1 = non-polar day/night ocean.
Val2 = Val1 + non-polar night land
Val3 = Val2 + nonpolar day land
Val4 = Val3 + polar night
Val5 = Val4 + polar day. Only Val5 data are useable for truly global scientific investigations.
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